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Babies are born to learn.

We are told they start doing this even before they emerge from the womb, absorbing all sounds, motions, and, possibly, emotions into their rapidly growing nervous systems.

They are born KNOWING, with more visual acuity than was thought in the past,  distinguishing human faces from masks, and focusing more on their  mothers' pictures than on other women's faces. They can discriminate between various smells and tastes, and, not surprisingly, react to the voices  they have been hearing during those months inside.

Every day is new in terms of learning and absorbing.

Many things are thought to improve this process --  music with a special beat, specific colors, special shapes, special toys, conversation, gentle touch, massage, and BREASTFEEDING.

We would like to know about everything that helps.

We want the children in our midst to become the best they can be, both intellectually and emotionally, without them feeling  pressure to perform or excel.  We would like them to enjoy what they are living and learning.

Of course, LOVE should ALWAYS be in the picture.

My name is Rhodora Damaso Diaz.

I am a pediatrician providing what I hope is total primary care to many children these past  forty or so years.

I have many stories to tell about those years, but that will be for another time, or another  website.

Right now, I am interested in knowing about babies' and young children's learning, and how early they tell us they can.

PLEASE WRITE if you have stories to tell, insights to share, or comments to make.  With your permission,  I will put your letters in that special section.
Thanks to HOMESTEAD           for this Award!,
 Given many years ago !
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