It is amazing to find so many children who show such a thirst for learning parents and teachers can hardly keep up with them.

I see many of these children in the office, and I wish I could have more of their pictures here with their talents recognized.
Shaine - talking well at
2 years, understanding much more.
Dagmar - memory. logic, reason,
humor - all manifested at a
very young age.
Janine and strongwilled Maia - kids with adult thoughts.
Cute, cute Ixidro -- so good and so attentive.
Victor -.understanding nuances in conversation before age one.
Joaquin - surprising memory.
John N. -- talking in sentences before age 18 months despite having been born very premature and on ventilatory support; knew names of dinosaurs and car logos before age two, as well as the planets in their correct sequence!
DJ -  his strong personality manifested as an infant, but logical explanantions helped to calm him down; easy learner, hyperactive asthmatic.
JED - big adult mind in a kid's big body.  He refuses to be referred to as a child. Talking in sentences and asking questions before age two.
ANIKA R. - her dad's candidate for Miss Philippines. Talked early, refused to be upset with a chin laceration, took to school like fish to water.
FRANCO Q - his knowing eyes took in everything as a newborn; intellect grew as his body did.
Cute baby, winner of a big department store's search for the sweetest and cutest; winner or a mall's contest for smartest. nicest-looking, most photogenic.